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Attunements are both educational and ceremonial. 

You will be given information appropriate to your training level and practices to establish your habits. This will include treatment practice as well as meditation, including silent meditation. We will probably engage in sound and movement techniques related to meditation and energy practice. There will be no inclusion of crystals, angels, spirit guides, psychic channeling, or journaling. (In no way am I diminishing these practices. But I do not make use of them as a practioner nor do I train with them.) 

At each level you will experience a ceremonial transfer which will serve as both an induction and a graduation of that level. I recommend spacing out levels appropriate to your needs and capacity to fully integrate each level. You won’t get there faster by rushing the levels. I’m happy to attune people who come from other teachers at the first and second levels, but I won’t attune at level three or four without prior training from me. I’m also available for level boosting/ re-attunement of any level. 

Attunements are available for individuals and small groups of up to 3 or 4 people. These are scheduled ongoing. I do not do large groups. My sessions are tailored to you and your needs both in schedule and in methodology. Please feel free to contact me for more information. 

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