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Thinking about ‘what is spirituality’?

April 19, 2017

I don’t post a lot, or often, but today seemed like a reasonable day to do so. There’ve been alot of things on my mind regarding religiosity vs spirituality and how everyone is sitting somewhere in some continuum of these intersecting concepts. And where these connect, converge, diverge and at what points they don’t touch- this is the texture of society. I know that society and culture consists of more than all this, or at least that we say it does. We say that the material things before us matter. And that they matter more. And there’s good argument that religion is just another material element. And there’s an equally good argument that most people’s attempts to reach a spiritual space are actually material manisfestations. I don’t make any great pretentions about myself and which spaces I occupy on any given occasion. And with that said, enter Gabor Mate who many people know for his work with addictions and other psychological states. If you click on his name, you’ll land at-

Which contains a video of his thoughts on this matter. His thoughts, which prompted my thoughts today. So, thanks! And enjoy (if you like) or don’t (obviously )    🙂

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