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1/1/16 .the 4 agreements.

January 1, 2016

I guess you could file this under New Years resolutions. Here’s to a happy healthy one! (With wisdom ever in sight and out of grasp -or is that just a form of American anti intellectualism? We don’t like to dwell on matters of the mind, or admit fallibility around those areas. Or boast. Never to boast. ) maybe it’s just ‘yoga’- fatigue, with all it’s desperate spiritualism and grasping that we wish to avoid? Or attachment to postmodern deconstruction- can we ever fully understand anything? If you are intimate with details of the elephant’s trunk, yet completely ignorant of it’s tail, can you profess knowledge all the same? 

Don Miguel Ruiz can help us along this path, with his 4 agreements. Which are very helpful, because you’ll never know everything. But maybe you can learn a thing or two every day. This can help in that effort.  

And also, just for fun, are the 5 reiki precepts for living well. (Sometimes ‘work diligently’ is translated as ‘work hard’, or ‘do your best’. And I think there’s a direct correlation to not taking things personally with not getting angry or being fearful. 

And what’s missing in both, explicitly unstated, yet is abundantly implied, is courage and the act of being courageous, and the art of living courageously. It’s derived from the Latin word : cor – and it originally meant from the heart, or something like that. Nowadays people just say ‘from the heart’ or that someone ‘has a lot of heart’ or that they ‘put a lot of heart’ into what they do. Perhaps because courage came to mean valor, and be associated with fighting and war? Or because people courageously fight losing battles to inoperable diseases or amorphorous entities? Have we lost faith in courage, even as we value and treasure our hearts?

Here’s a nice bit about courage:

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