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An Automatic Exercise

June 10, 2014

Reiki and Automatic Writing:

Here’s a little exercise which you can do every day, if you like.

let the hand talk

let the hand talk

Automatic writing is the counterpart to blind contour drawings. Basically you just put your pen to the paper and don’t let your mind interrupt the process. When you do a blind contour, you don’t even look at the paper- you look only at the object/ subject which you are drawing and you try to follow the contour of that object or subject as fully as you possibly can without ever lifting your pen. I highly encourage it. Consider it an apple. With automatic writing, you simply write. You write without editing, without worrying about grammar or spelling or cohesion. You just write what comes to mind as it comes. And whatever you do- do not put that pen down! No evaluation. It’s the process that matters. It’s a listening exercise. Kind of the same as listening to the person who’s speaking without formulating any response whatsoever. In this case you are listening to yourself. So don’t interrupt. And don’t worry about how you are going to respond. It doesn’t matter here. You don’t need listening eyes. Or nodding smiles. Trust yourself. Trust whatever emerges. You can always throw it away when you are finished.

Now begin by describing yourself, or any person or situation which you wish to engage with Reiki. Spend some time with that. Give yourself over to it fully. Now- activate Reiki and saturate yourself with it. Imagine you are being drenched from the inside out and the outside in. Remember the golden rod. Breathe in electric white light. Place your hand on your forehead and your other hand on your heart. Connect to who you really are. Don’t bother with words. You don’t need them. Take at least 5 minutes to do this, and more if you have the time. Now write again about yourself, the person or the situation.  Reflect on the 2 pieces of writing that you just did. End by giving yourself a few minutes of Reiki. If you were reflecting on a person or situation, write down their name or give the situation a title. Fold the paper and hold it in your hands while you meditate Reiki. Afterwards- dry brush your body, and disconnect from Reiki. Burn the paper or rip it up into tiny pieces. Fill your heart with love, and enjoy your day!

Alternate the process by substituting automatic writing with a blind contour, if you like. Do a self portrait, or a portrait of your foot or hand. Find an object to represent the person or situation you are reflecting on, and do a blind contour of that object. And work the exercise as you would if you were using words.

I have adapted this exercise from Colleen Benelli. Here’s her version :


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