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The Aura and Reiki

February 10, 2014
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The Aura and Reiki

There are many skeptics out there, with regards to the concept of auras, and who can blame them? Auras are not well understood, and in many cases are actively disparaged, due to negative associations with with hippies, new agers, con artists and quacks. But remember, auras are simply the energy we bring along with us. And we have all experienced each other’s energy, even though many people don’t tend to think of it in this respect. But what of that person who simply walks into a room and seems to make it come to life? Or the person who we can’t stand to be near, who we may even feel is repellant? Or wounded? Or draining? Or what of the person who seems to emit calm, or peace, or power? The following link explores the way reiki can interact with and effect the aura.

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